Before you get in touch with me

Take a few minutes of your precious time and read my personal website really carefully please. It’s a good start how to get to know me better. Visit also the Gallery part to see how I look and inform yourself about my Donation. Would be also nice if you visit The adventure to see what can you expect and About me to get basic information.

Bear in mind that rush and stress are my enemies. That’s why I prefere longer adventures (2 hours minimum). My time is available only for true respectful gentlemen or couples who are older than 30 years old only and who knows how to treat with a woman nicely and with an utmost respect.

Our health and discretion will always come first. It’s the most important what we have in my opinion. We have to protect it as much as we can. If you don’t share my opinion don’t waste our time and don’t contact me.

Booking an adventure with me

The only one way how to make an appointment with me is through the booking form. Give me at least 12 hours, ideally 24+ hours notice before our Prague adventure and at least a week for FMTY (TMTY).

After you send me the completed booking form I’ll reply to you asap. When we’ll make an appointment I’ll ask you about a brief friendly call. I believe this will help us to get a feeling for each other. The phone call is necessary before our adventure because it will assure me that you’re a real respectful and serious gentleman or a couple.

During our adventure

Have a donation for my time ready and put it somewhere in a visible place where I can find it easily. Don’t ever let me ask about it because it puts me in an awkward situation. If we meet in public, give me my donation dicreetly in an unsealed envelope.

I’m always perfectly groomed for our date and I want to ask you for the same. The first impression is important don’t you think?

Take it easy. Try to approach a date with me the same way you would a date with a friend with whom you plan to have some pleasurable moments behind closed doors. This is the best way how to have a mutual enjoyable time together.

After our adventure

I’m of the opinion that the details about our date should stay between you and me only. I’m not a fan of online reviews because they can be misleading but I’d be truly honored if you write me feedback through my WhatsApp or email that I can publish here in Testimonials part.

Etiquette, Etiquette, Etiquette,