Booking an adventure with me

There are three options how to make an appointment with me. The first one is to fill in the booking form at the bottom of this page. The second one is to use my telephone number +420 722 531 633. The third one is to send me an email inquiry. Please, include these details: name, age, nationality, date & time of our adventure, your introduction and special requests if you have.

Give me at least 12 hours, ideally 24+ hours notice before our Prague adventure and at least a week for FMTY. After we arrange a meeting, I’ll share my telephone number and ask you for a brief friendly phone call.

During our adventure

Have a donation for my time ready and put it somewhere in a visible place where I can find it easily. Don’t ever let me ask about it because it puts me in an awkward situation. If we meet in public, give me my donation dicreetly in an unsealed envelope.

I’m always perfectly groomed for our date and I want to ask you for the same. The first impression is important don’t you think?

Take it easy. Try to approach a date with me the same way you would a date with a friend with whom you plan to have some pleasurable moments behind closed doors. This is the best way how to have a mutual enjoyable time together.